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Infants Under Two Swim Program

Participating Instructors: Ms. Cerra, Miss Brittany

Description: Must be pre-approved to purchase this package. Please call (714) 726-4570 for more information about infants 8-24 months learning to swim. No parent participation.

Infants can swim as young as 8 months on their own. Holding their breath, going under water and using their naturally abilities to float. Starting at 14-18 month old they can start to roll themselves over to get air and back to stomach. By 2 years old toddlers can start to lift up their heads above water to get air and go back to stomach using their feet and legs to kick back to the wall and steps of the pool. By 3 years old your child can easily swim back to the side of wall on their own should they fall in. This process takes time and if you do it early enough (8-9 months) you can create a very safe swimmer by the time they are 3.5-4 years old. In fact, they can join a swim team by the age of 5 years old!

As a Mom of a 4.5 year old, I’ve train her to swim since she was 8 months old. 4 months old on her back floats, 6 months going under water, 9 months going down 3 ft to grab toys and by 1 year old diving with me 8 feet to grab a toy from the deep end. Around 3-4 years old I could no longer train her as now I’m just “Mom” and she doesn’t see me as a teacher figure, I must now rely on my amazing swim teachers to teach and guide her along her swim journey. She’ll be training on our “JUNIOR GROUP SWIM TEAM” until Summer and then starting a swim team in the FALL at the local high school.

Even with extensive training and yearly swim lessons infants, children and adults can drown at any time. This is not a 100% guarantee that your child will be pool safe at all times. You must always watch your children, be aware of backyard pools at neighbors, friends and families homes (gated or not gated), and be ready to jump in after them if they are in need of help.

I’m so excited to be welcoming my second child in late FEB. I’m also so excited to document the swim process with her and put it on video for all to watch. I believe I can talk about it all day, but until someone can see it, it will make more sense as it’s hard to believe a 1 year old can hold their breath down 8 ft of water and back up.

Please call 714-726-4570 for more information on this amazing “INFANTS UNDER TWO” swim program and get your baby started right NOW!

Please contact the school for available days and times

Phone (714) 726-4570 or

Anaheim Location

5101 Woodwind Ln, Anaheim, CA 92807

This is a back yard pool. You may park in the high school parking lot OR on the street BUT please do not park next door by the fire hydrant OR on Tuesdays at 12:00-4:00 due to street sweeping (they will ticket you).