Swim Policies

Swim Policies 2017/2018 for Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda Pool Locations

Parents must bring children to their swim classes. Please do not send children with a nanny or babysitter. If a parent is not present, the lesson cannot take place, and there will be a charge for the class unless it’s been cleared by Cerra Gfell.

WARNING: If a child is not potty trained, they MUST wear a disposable swim diaper (the ones you throw away) plus a diaper cover (reusable/washable) to help prevent leaks. If they are not wearing the two combined there may not be a lesson and there will be a charge for the lesson. If a student poops in the pool there is a $300.00 fee and (by any student) there must be a 24-hour shut down for chemical treatment and filter cleaning. There will not be a refund for the lesson. Fee must be paid the day of incident.

  • There is no public restroom at the Anaheim Hills pool location. Please use the bathroom before swim class at home. There is a grocery store near by for emergencies and port-a-potty for little ones. There are bathrooms at the Yorba Linda location.

You must cancel online 24 hours before your lesson without a charge. There is a charge for the lesson for a cancelation the day of class. Swim instructors also need to give a 24-hour notice to cancel or your make up is free.

Exceptions: In case of weather (wind, rain or cold) or an accident in the pool we may cancel lessons that morning or afternoon the day of class with out owing a make up.

Sick notice: Please give Mrs. Cerra a two-hour notice if sick same day with out a charge. Instructors must also give a two hour notice to cancel if sick the day of without owing a make up lesson. If sick, please notify Mrs. Cerra via text on her cell at 714-726-4570 two hours prior to the lesson.

  • You must cancel and schedule lessons yourself from the online. If you are on the schedule, you have a lesson and will be charged. However, if you are not on the schedule you do not have a lesson.
  • We are not responsible for canceling the lessons for you or responsible if you did not get an email notification.
    It’s the parent/student responsibility to cancel/schedule lessons online. Days and times for swim are open for any student to take so please schedule as much in advance as you can. There are no refunds on swim lessons for days and times taken by other students.
  • There is also no refund if you usual swim teacher is not available you must be willing to have a lesson by all LKSS instructors. You are NOT buying a swim package with a certain instructor but are buying a package through LKSS and may be assigned to any swim instructor at any time needed. We understand children like to have the same teacher but if an instructor leaves we must be able to finish up the lessons with any instructor provided.
  • Screaming is not allowed during a lesson. We understand children will cry and be upset at first during their first few visits but because of our neighborhood (Anaheim location) and quiet school environment (Yorba Linda location) we must keep screaming at a minimum. If a lesson is stopped for screaming during a class, there will be a charge for that lesson. After the third lesson of screaming the child must be dismissed from all classes and no refund given.
  • All children will get three warnings during a class that they must listen to their teacher. Not listening to the teacher could cause injury to themselves and the teacher. After three warnings (and intervention by the parent), the lesson will end, and there will be a charge for the lesson. After the third lesson of not listening to their teacher the child must be dismissed from all classes without a refund.

You must buy a package to receive the $40.00/half hour lesson rate. You may buy a single lesson for $45.00 instead of the package.


  • Regular packages are good for one-year form date purchased. Discount specials have certain restrictions when they expire. Swim specials will be posted on the website to purchase for special holidays (Black Friday, Christmas and New Years). If you need a receipt for swim lessons please ask Cerra for one.
  • House calls (swim instructor comes to your personal pool) are $50.00 per half hour lesson per student starting in 2015. You must pay per lesson online before booking your class. You can not schedule these lesson online, you must coordinate them with Miss Cerra and she will add them to your online schedule.
  • Your pool must be heated to a minimum of 86 degrees. If a pool is too cold for the instructor and student the lesson will not continue and there will be a charge for the lesson (ex: child is shivering or saying it’s too cold or instructors feet feel numb). We only teach at private, backyard pools. No community pools.
  • There is a yearly registration fee of $25.00 per family. This fee helps with pool cleaning, parent/student waiting area, liability insurance and supplies. This fee must be paid online along with ANY swim package and yearly before the first day of class.
  • If swim lessons cannot be completed during the year purchased because of weather they may be extended one more year and then they expire. Example: lessons purchased Feb 2014 will expire Feb 2016, etc. Lessons will expire on specials bought with expiration dates, no exceptions.
  • There is limited parking at the Yorba Linda pool location from the hours of 2:50 pm to 3:30pm each afternoon while school is in session. Cones are set up for our swim parents to park preventing other vendors from taking our spots. Please remove the cones to park and place them back for the next swim parent.

Yorba Linda Location (Heritage Oak) During school hours, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm, swim parents may not wait for their swim lessons on campus with a VISTIOR pass from the office. You may wait outside the gate or on the deck of the swimming pool.
If a child gets upset or is too small you may be asked to wait outside the gate so your child may concentrate on the class and not the parent.

  • However, parents and children may wait on campus (the waiting area) during non-school hours between 4:30-8:00pm and Saturdays and Sundays. Parents may wait on campus also if advised that it’s a holiday and school is not in session.
  • Swim parents and children must abide by all campus rules regarding safety, cell phone usage and no parking zones (no parking in the business center across the street or along the South side of Brooklyn Ave).
  • Anaheim Hills Location and Use: Our AH location is used when we are not permitted to use the YL location. We will be at our AH location March-August.
  • We use our Yorba Linda location year-round with restrictions on usage, as you will be informed.

Swim lessons are not guarantee that your child will be safe around bodies of water, or swimming pools. Yearly brush-ups are recommended to build a strong swimmer. It may take up to two to three years for a child to become a strong swimmer. We are here to help a child become comfortable and teach the skills that if faced in a dangerous situation around water they may help safe themselves until helps arrives.

Little Kicks Swim School

(Cerra Alicia Gfell and Swim Instructors)

Assumption of Risk, Release from Liability and Program Guideline Agreement

In consideration of being permitted by Little Kicks Swim School (Cerra Alicia Gfell) to participate in swim lessons, I hereby agree to release, indemnify, and discharge Little Kicks Swim School (Cerra Alicia Gfell and Swim Instructors) on behalf of myself, my spouse, my significant other, my children, my parents, my heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate as follows:

  1. I acknowledge that my participation in Little Kicks Swim School (Cerra Alicia Gfell and Swim Instructors) swim lessons entail known and unknown risks that could result in physical or emotional injury or death.

The risks may include, but are not limited to: slip and fall, running on the deck, climbing out of the pool, jumping into the pool, head injuries, submerging under water, use of pool equipment, emotional injury.

  1. Parents are 100% responsible for watching children not taking lessons. Children are to be at parent’s side at all times. Children are not to be let loose to run around pool or explore backyard areas. There is absolutely no running around the pool. Little Kicks Swim school (Cerra Alicia Gfell and Swim Instructors) are in no way responsible for injuries due to negligence. Injuries may include but are not limited to: trip/slip, bruises or breaking of bones, facial injuries, or hospitalization or death.
  2. I expressly agree and promise to accept and assume all the risks existing in this activity. My child’s participation in this activity is purely voluntary, and I elect to participate in spite of risks.
  3. I hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless released parties from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action, which are in any way connected with my participation in this activity or my use of Little Kicks Swim School (Cerra Alicia Gfell and Swim Instructors) equipment, including any such claims which allege negligent acts or omissions of released parties.
  4. Should Little Kicks Swim School (Cerra Alicia Gfell or Swim Instructors) or anyone acting on their behalf, be required to incur attorney’s fees and costs to enforce this agreement, I agree to indemnify and hold them harmless for all such fees and costs.
  5. I certify that I adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage that I may cause or suffer while participating, or else I agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage myself. I further certify that I am willing to assume risk of any medical or physical condition that I or my child may have. Little Kicks Swim School (Cerra Alicia Gfell and Swim Instructors) will not be responsible for paying any medical bills or injuries the student may occur.
  6. I agree that if the participate is a minor, this Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement is made on that minor participant and that all of the releases, waivers, and promises herein are binding on that minor participant. I represent that I have full authority as Parent, Relative, Friend, Grandparent or Legal Guardian to bind the minor participate to this agreement.

Guidelines for Swimming Lessons:

  1. I will not be seen and have the willingness of “hide-out” of sight for swim lessons (as recommended by the Swim Instructor). This will help with the focus, cooperation, and bonding of student and swim teacher. If I don not follow these guidelines, the swim lesson will not continue and the lesson will be charged. If I am recommended to “hide-out” by the swim teacher, I will not be seen until the student and teacher exit the pool at the end of the swim lesson. If I come in too early, I am aware that my child may become upset, and the swim teacher may not be able to finish the lesson completely. The swim teacher will not continue the swim lesson, once the parent has been seen and the student is becoming upset and there will not be a makeup for the lost time.
  2. I understand that not all children learn at the same pace and it could take more than six lessons to become water and pool safe and there are no guarantees that the student will learn how to swim. If a child does not learn how to swim or becomes too uncontrollable the lessons cannot be refunded. There must be a 24-hour notice to cancel all swim lessons or there will be a charge unless in the case of illness. In the case of illness, the lesson must be removed from the teacher’s online schedule within two hours without a charge. The swim teacher must also give a two-hour notice to cancel a swim lesson. Members must check the online schedule two hours in advance, every day, to make sure the lessons are still being taught.
  3. There may need to be yearly brush-ups on swim lessons and pool safety. Once a child is pool safe, this does not mean the child will be able to save themselves, in case of an accident. Swim lessons are designed to build confidence and create pool awareness and a child should never swim unattended or be without supervision. With yearly brush-ups and practice outside of swim lessons, a child will hopefully in the case of an accident be able to save themselves of drowning.
Please contact the school for available days and times

Phone (714) 726-4570

Yorba Linda Location

16971 E. Imperial Hwy Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Turn right on Prospect (go to the back of the school) turn right on Brooklyn, turn right into the soccer field parking lot or find street parking. The swimming pool is off Brooklyn. The location is not at a church.