why swim lessons?

Water is all around us. Even the smallest bit of water can be a cause for concern when you have little ones, and yes even a bucket of water can be dangerous. A child who has been trained to hold their breath may be able to save their own life should an accident occur.

LKSS philosophy:
*Our #1 priority is water and pool safe.
*Our swim structure is easy and repetitive.
* We always strive to be teachers and coaches first BUT make long lasting clients and friends along the way.

During your swim lesson adventure…
*Your child may talk about swim lessons in a positive light and others not so positive.
* Some children may display anxiety to go to class, and refusing to put on their bathing suits on swim lesson day.

The best advice is…
*Explain to them how important it is to be safe around pools and water and the dangers that come with not knowing how to swim.
* If needed not tell them about swim lesson day, this may cause the build up of anxiety.
Simply try to bring them and change them when you get there.
*The first two weeks, are always the hardest for little ones BUT please keep coming.
Note to parents: Keep your heart and mind on the prize, which is a water safe child and our instructors at LKSS are doing the same.

The outcome:
*Children who don’t love water learn to and the ones who love water learn to respect it.
*You want your child to be somewhat concerned with just jumping in the water because it can mean life or death.

LKSS Owner, Mother and Swim Instructor, Cerra Gfell:
*I’ve spent the past 16 years of my life teaching swim lessons.
*I’ve taught thousands of lessons to babies, children, and adults.
*I take pride in a word of mouth referral based business.
* Mother of a 4 year old who is water and pool safe since age 9 months old.
*My child learning to back float at 4 months old, going under water at 6 months old and diving 8 feet at 12 months old.
*Now ready to learn strokes at age 4 years old and join a swim team (if desired) at 5 years old.

It’s never too early or too late to learn how to swim. Let us help you learn to swim today! We can’t wait to meet you and your child and begin our pool safe journey together.

Please contact the school for available days and times